Ready to Build?

Don’t do it without REALTOR® Representation!

So, you are considering building.  You want to start interviewing builders, touring model homes.  It’s fun.  Every builder has a great, friendly sales person and many have flashy websites.  The pricing is crystal clear.  You think if you don’t have representation they’ll cut you a pricing break.  You can do this.   But should you?  NO WAY.  You likely aren’t doing your own taxes, and you shouldn’t be representing yourself through a process you have only done a few times in your life (at most!)

Builders make it easy to walk into their model and sign today.  They don’t want you represented by a REALTOR®.  Because good ones can be pesky.  We can advise you along the way.  Assist with site selection & lot procurement.  Help you find a lender that will protect you during the process.  Introduce you to other builders who may have a better product for your needs.  We can save you hundreds of hours researching every builder because we already have.  We know who is best for what you are looking for.

Many buyers believe that by being unrepresented they will save money.  This is just simply not the case.  When builders reduce their pricing or they risk future projects not appraising.  Typically, the commissions that would have been paid to your representation are going directly to the Builder’s Rep.

We have represented many buyers through the building process and would like to help you too.  Please give us a call today should you want to explore the Building Process.

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